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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014

7 minute egg?


Hi Friends of the Nutt House (",)


BoY! The weekends are indeed making me stay up late and feeling peckish as midnight approaches... I usually pull out whatever I have in the fridge and try to whip up something nice instead of cooking a pot of instant noodles.... don't get me wrong... I LOVE INSTANT NOODLES... but they are not the healthiest choice.

For tonight, here's what I gathered and prepared :)

Tomatoes, BUTTERED TOAST!!! & THE 7 MINUTE EGG!!!!!!!!!


I was watching Jamie Oliver a long time ago and he talked about how to achieve different levels of boiled eggs.  For a soft white with runny yolk... the perfect time is to cook it for 7 minutes (",) Gently lower the egg into boiling water... continue to boil for 7 minutes (",)

I've tried this with eggs of various sizes,... brown shells, white shells... and the magic number 7 always worked (",)


7 minutes egg

I Love Eggs! And I am really a ninny... nitty-gritty-pain-in-the-bum when it comes to eggs.  When I am at a foodstore, I will indicate exactly which sunny-side up egg I want and will be uber disappointed it the vendor happens to accidentally pierce the egg yolk.  My heart will literally sink and break apart... at that moment.  My mum will ALWAYS set aside the nicest, bounciest sunny-side up egg for me at meal times... mum knows best (",)


That aside, peeling an egg can be tricky... many people advice popping the egg into ice water... i find that too much trouble.  And my eggs still stick to their shells when I use the ice-water method.

Here's what I do if you are interested:

  1. pop the boiled egg into a cup of tap water.
  2. once it is cool enough for your hands, tap the egg shell all over on a hard surface.
  3. pop the egg back into a new cup of tap water with its cracked shell still on.
  4. roll the egg around in the cup.
  5. start peeling (you can do it in or out of the cup) (",)


I find that steps 3 & 4 are most important in making sure that fresh eggs do not stick to their shells which will result in a really ugly boiled egg.... bleh!


Off to more surfing... with my 7 minute-magical-EGG (",)


Oh yes, I used this sesame dressing on the tomatoes (",) available in most supermarkets (",)

Try it, you'll love it (",)

I'm sorry if I made you hungry in case you are reading this in the middle of the night, wherever you may be (",)

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me love eggs too! my face turns super sulky instantly when the egg yolk gets ruined by the stall vendor.. or when he/she overcooked the egg..

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Me too...But I didnt have much hope for nice yolk when I get the egg outside (I only love the egg I made myself!!! lolx) ME love Jamie Oliver!!!!!!!!

OOOh... I love to mix in chilli pepper and mince garlic into the sesame dressing (not sure what brand... nv really take a look at it...kkekekee)

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lol i thought i was the only weird one who will feel annoyed when my yolk isn't perfect. and i love that sesame dressing too, tastes much better than mayo!

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Hi Verlyn & Madlynny :) eggs do have that kind of effect on us, huh? hehehe :) yeah that sesame dressing is super delicious!

Hi Chantana :) yes!!! I really adore Jamie Oliver... i like the nonchalant and rough manner that he handles the raw ingredients that he uses and how he looks at his food like they are some adorable teddy bear :)

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Oh this totally made me super hungry! I heart jamie oliver, his recipe are always delicious and easy! Can't wait to try this!

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Mmm, looks really tasty:P !
Would be very happy if you checked out my blog and maybe followed it? I recently started it...

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i'm sitting here in the middle of the night getting hungry & reading your blog drooling. it looks yummilicious. btw we have the same computer :D

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Hi Lauren :) oh... my heart flutters at the mention of Jamie Oliver... :) oops... notti notti... !

hi Fashionlily :) thanks for dropping by Hazelnutt House :) will pop over to your blog after this.

Hi Izzy :) i am kinda hungry right now... 1am in the morning :) need another good meal :)

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Thanks for this tip! your dish looks really delicious

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thank you, Minty Vintage :)

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