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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014

Teachers' Day goodie bag - suitable for parties as well


Hihi friends of Hazelnutt House (",)  


Teachers' Day is approaching - 1 September, to be exact.  I decided to rope in The Tod to put together a goodie bag for her teacher.  The Tod only attends an hour of toddler related class every week.  Although it is a once a week lesson, I thought it'll be a good chance to get crafty and prepare something nice for her teacher.   Here's some simple DIY craft ideas that are simple enough for a Tod to work on with the assistance of mummy, of course.  
easy craft for teachers

I started by drawing out some cupcakes and getting The Tod to colour them in.  The Tod spread glue on the top of the cupcakes and stuck random shiny bits onto it to mimic sprinklers on cupcakes.  

simple craft for kids

I bought these adhesive magnets from Daiso.

After laminating the cupcakes and cutting them out, I got The Tod to stick a magnet at the back and turned the laminated cupcake into a fridge magnet.  

DIY fridge magnets

Next, we worked on some paper clips.  I outlined some flowers and The Tod coloured them in.  This time, instead of fridge magnets, I glued the laminated flowers & cupcakes onto some wooden clothes pegs. 

paper clip craft

I glued strips of ribbons onto the exposed sides of the wooden pegs.

Easy craft with wooden pegs

Other than the DIY paper clips and fridge magnets, I threw in a lip balm and a packet of candy. 

goodie bag ideas

Everything went into this old-skool brown paper bag.  

Goodie bag for teacher

I had lots of fun making use of this tin of cards and stickers that I purchased from Gmarket earlier. Really came in handy to decorate the gift tag as well as to seal the bag.  

What would I do without my nifty glue roller?  I made use of this glue tape (similar mechanism to correction tape) to stick on the ribbons as well as the laminated pieces.  Easy and mess-free (",) 

I hope that The Tod had fun putting this lil' gift together for her teacher and I hope it isn't too early to teach her to love and appreciate her current teacher as well as future ones.  

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