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Today is Thursday, April 24, 2014

Labelling and organising my nail stash at 2am

Hey hey ladies of the Nutt house (",) 

Last night, I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to organize my nail polish after seeing how Bubblegarm labeled and organized her huge nail polish stash.  Click here for her blog entry, coz you'll be enthralled by her huge and colourful nail polish collection. 

I usually store my nail colours in 3 of these boxes and everytime I need to look for a particular shade, I will have to pin point the brand and then based on the top, pull out each bottle to check for the shade I want.  

nail polish organization

Instead of swatching on the sticky labels, I was silly enough to stick the white tabs onto ALL the tops first and when I was done, I wondered, "OMG!! How am I supposed to swatch the labels when they are already stuck to the tops?!"  
So instead of peeling out the labels, I dabbed the nail colour onto the rims of the nail polish bottle and inverted the label onto the rim and managing to get what I call a swatch transfer. 

how to organise or store nail polish

how to organize nail polish

I am guessing some of you would have made use of this method which I find really useful (",)  for those that may wanna embark on this method of storage, please remember to cut the tabs, get a direct swatch using the nail polish brush and then stick it on hehehe :) 

Talk to you ladies soon!


Nice box! Where did you purchase it from? I do the same thing for some of my polish bottles, but realised the stickers are falling off, because not all caps are flat

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Hi ;) The boxes are a steal from Daiso! They are the size of shoe boxes for sneakers.

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oh yes, I got them early this year... haven't seen them lately in Daiso :(

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That's such a neat idea! I always find myself pulling up polishes only to realize it's not the right color (tho the right brand), if that makes sense. Haha.

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