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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nail it: Zoya Caitlin & Pasha


Hihi ladies :)


whoopie doodles!!!!!! I have aired my nails for the LONGEST TIME!!!!!!   Today, I decided to get them painted (",)

I haven't been painting my fingernails for quite a few months, due to sheer laziness and of coz time constrain.  As for my toe nails, I braced myself to go naked for about 3 weeks coz the condition of my toenails were horrid.  I've never had my nails chipped or become brittle.  My nails are usually pretty strong and the chipping was definitely a sign for me to forego nail colours for awhile.  I never allowed my toenails to rest in between colours.  I'd remove the current shade, moisturise the nails for awhile and paint on a new shade. I believe that it was this repeated layering of nail colours that caused my nails to weaken. You can see how nasty it is, here.   Now I plan to do the oil treatment on Saturdays and paint my nails on Sundays. Giving it at least a day to air in between.


I picked Zoya's Caitlin (L) and Pasha (R) for this 'return to nail colours entry'.

zoya caitlin and pasha swatch



I have become so used to my bare fingernails that I found even this muted-greyed-out-purple too much for me!  I had half a mind of removing it, but decided not to, since it took me quite a lot of effort to paint them as my hands are really not accustomed to painting each other due to the months' abstinence from nail polishes.

zoya caitlin swatch



Pasha is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE neutral shade... it works really well for both my toe and fingernails.




Kind of a strange combination I feel.... probably coz I am really not used to seeing colours on my nails right now.

zoya caitlin and pasha


psst....! the last time I purchased nail colours was way back in Feb... check out the Zoya swatches here. So, u can roughly tell how long I have laid off nail colours on my fingers... (",)

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I'm the same way with my nails these days, I rarely leave them naked longer then a day... perhaps I should let them breathe a little.

On a side-note, love love Caitlin! Got to thank you for the bottle I have!

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hey Sara :) the whole time I was airing my nails and letting them breathe, I was itching to paint on Caitlin! so when I finally decided to paint them, Caitlin was the only one I wanted :)

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