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Today is Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road test: Skin79 Smooth Sun BB Pact SPF 25 PA++


Hihi friends of the Nutter (",)


I've put the Skin79 Smooth Sun BB Pact SPF 25 PA++ to the test and came back with this result (",)  Click here to read about my initial rave about this product.

This picture was taken 10 minutes after dusting the powder onto my face on top of concealer under my eye area.


The picture on the left was taken before I left my home and when I returned 6 hours later, I took the picture which is on the right.

I know the lighting is different, but I am really pleased with how my face still looked after 6 hours.  I did blot once within this 6 hours (",)

I shan't go on about how much I love this powder coz I'm sure you can tell how well it wore on my face (",)

Shall move on to the eye makeup I had on. I tried doing my eyes differently today.  Instead of using an eyeliner to line my eyes, I used a dark eyeshadow instead.  I picked up this trick from Nu Re Wo Zhui Da which aired on our local channel last wednesday.

I quite like how quickly I can pull this look together in no time!  Coz i've to admit, i'm not the best at lining my eyes.  This technique using eyeshadow and a sponge tip applicator to line the eyes gives my eyes definition without me having to struggle with perfect lines with a liquid eyeliner (",)


Talk to you ladies soon!!! Tata!

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"like like like" I like to use eyeshadow to line my eyes too.. espcially using deep blackish navy blue shade!(lolx)

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I like the eyeshadow lining technique on you! Brings emphasis on your eyes in a very natural way (: I can't make it look as nice, I often feel I really need to line it. haha.

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hihi Chantana :) u've just given me the idea to use a dark blue to line my eyes (",)

Hihi Sara :) If i'm using this technique, i'll be sure to use a primer on the lids, coz I don't want too much eyeshadow to fall into my eyes (",)
I realise that once I start lining my eye, I simply have to do it everyday too! if i don't I'd feel like i'm not made-up properly. I alternate between liquid eyeliner and this method for now (",)

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yupyup. on days im lazy to use my liquid eyeliner, i use a dark blue eyeshadow to line my eyes.
easy and nice :)

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wow!! Guess I really need to get myself a dark blue eyeshadow!!!

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My friend laughed that I am so vain that I even line my eyes when I go to the market. Ha ha. Mascara used to be a must but now lining my eyes comes first.

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ha!!! I fill in my brows and pat on powder just to walk my dog. We're definitely in the same boat :)

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