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Today is Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kimmie & tea tree oil


Hey ladies of Hazelnutt House!!!

Check out my sleeping pooch :)

Lots of pet owners get frustrated when they see their pooch licking their paws nonstop due to some fungal infection on the paws.  Kimmie has the habit of licking her paws till their soaking wet and then padding around the house, leaving a trail of  disgusting prints.

It is not her fault that she's gotta lick her paws, coz i bet they itch like crazy!   But it drives me crazy too!  Coz she'll wake up in the middle of the night and start slurping em' paws and it really annoys me no end coz i'm such a light-sleeper.   In the dead of the night, the licking sounds turn into loud sloshes!!! I've contemplated banishing her from my room during these 'licking' episodes.  But I just couldn't bring myself to do it ... ... i love my pooch... ...

Kimmie has visited the vet several times and they usually prescribe a cream and some tablets to rid the fungus.  In Kim's doggie brain, CREAM = YUMMY and she'll end up with a mouthful of yucky cream each time i apply them on her paws.  I gave up going to the vet for this problem and turned to tea tree oil instead coz i remembered reading somewhere that it's good for fungal infection on toenails.

Kimmie really doesn't agree with the scent of this oil... muah haha!!

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil or Melaleuca is an essential oil which is obtained by steaming the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia which is native to Australia.  It is a natural antiseptic.


How I use it on Kimmie

a) Soak a cotton pad with tea tree oil and rub it into the grooves of paws.


b) Drop 10 drops of tea tree oil into a bowl of water and soak paws for 30 seconds each.

After application, i'll make her sit on a chair for about 20 mins as shown in the above picture.  It stops her from scurrying under the couch for another licking escapade and also from oiling up the floor with the tea tree oil.

Usually, after 2 or 3 rounds of application, she'll leave her paws alone.

Other uses of tea tree oil

  • Acne
  • Toenail fungus
  • Bad breathe
  • Inflamed gums
  • Dandruff
  • Yeast infection
  • Sore throats
  • Minor cuts and burns


Other ways that I use tea tree oil

I always have a bottle of tea tree oil in my medicine cabinet, both for Kimmie and myself.  When my scalp gets itchy, i'll drop 3 drops of the oil into my regular shampoo and shampoo away.  Sometimes i get funny bumps on my back, i'll do the same but with shower foam instead.  I've tried gurgling my mouth with diluted tea tree oil to fight sore throats too :)


** Never ingest undiluted tea tree oil as it is toxic.


1. I was just using a tea tree mask couple of minutes ago
2. Milo likes to lick his paws all wet and TOUCH ME!! :/

Is Kimbo's slurping that loud? :)

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Awwww.... Hope the fungus will go away soon... Poor Kimmie....

posted by

hey Joyce :)
eh, so it's Tea Tree for u and Kimbo, ya?

u bet! she'll lick and lick her paws into the night and sometimes she'll wake up in the middle of the night to resume licking. It gets really sloppy and sloshy and really loud ... muah hahaa!!!

hey hey Mya :) havent 'seen' u for awhile :)
yeah... it's slowly, but surely getting better :) but this problem recurs often for pooches.

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Yeah. Kinda busy for now. So that's why no updates. :p Will be back blogging soon... :D Tell Kimmie i said Hi ok. :)


wow, seems like tea tree oil is such a multi-purpose worker~
it is better to get the 'better grade' organic/ pure tea tree oil? where did you get yours?

i remember my dog used to lick her paws too, and i had to bring her to the vet and she had to wear the lamp-shade for a week.. hehehe..

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Lolx.. my doggies also don't like the scent of tea tree oil... they will rub it all over my bed cover!!!!

(My doggies hardly lick their paws.. but I read somewhere that if they lick their paws it means that they have some tummy problems. Not sure whether it's true.. )

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Great idea! My dog keeps licking her paw non stop till one day I bandageD up her paw ( not a good idea as it will promote even more fungal infection), but ya she tried to untie the paw bandage until she looked like some ancient mummy. Sigh. She dislikes the cream prescriped my the vet too but she still licks the paw cause it's too itchy. Thanks for the tea tree oil tip!

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Hi Mya :) Ah, i see i see. I've been super duper busy lately too. Hopefully this busy period will tide over soon :(

Hi Sophia :) u know wat? The vet got Kimmie a lamp shade too and guess wat? The pooch refused to sleep with the shade on!!! She kept pacing up and down and muttering under her breathe the entire night and i gave up at 4am in the morning and removed the darn lamp shade! muah hahaa!!

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Hi Chantana :) u lucky girl :) it's really troublesome when your pooch gets fungal infection on their paws. YEah, Kim finds the scent of tea tree oil offensive too :)

Hi Michelle :) Remember to get your pooch to sit on a chair after application so that she can't escape under the couch to lick it off :) give the oil some time to penetrate the skin while the pooch sits on the chair :)

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Okay I was just trying to busy myself to check if there's any infection in my dog paw cause sometime she seems to lick her paws too.. At first I thought it was normal.. Like washing hand? But after reading your post it got me kinda worry so I went to check.. Checking her paws can be so difficult! Anyway I don't think's there'a any infection on my pup.. How do you get your dog to soak the paw for 30 minutes?! I think my dog will even let me soak her paw for 5 minutes!

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Sorry typo I mean my dog will not let me soak her paw for 5 minutes XD

posted by

OMG!!! THANKS FOR POINTING OUT MY TYPO!!! I really meant 30 sec!!! muah haha!!!!
well, if there's some sort of thing bothering her, her paw will be slightly red. they are really protective over their paws! it's like u need to exchange a slab of meat just to get a peek of those paws!

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LOLs I love tea tree oil! I always use it as my acne serum when I got breakouts. In fact I always carry one with me in case I got some insect bites or a sudden zits. :)

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lolx.. when I put the lamp shade collar on buibui(the fat chubby one).. she just stand there not moving at all.. kinda like hitting the pause button.

So I tried it on peapea.. the moment my hand was off him, so was the shade! lolx (And buibui learn fast... cos when I put on her again, she copy what peapea did.. but the shade was hard to push off.. becos it's her size! lolx)

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How do you make her sit for 20 minutes on the chair? That's eternity for a dog!
Oh, I think we should totally meet up with our babies and pooches!!

posted by

hihi Redberried :)

i doubt i can handle a baby and a dog at the same time... muah hahah!!
well, Kimmie doesn't dare jump from a high position. unlike my previous dog who will risk her life and JUMP from ANYWHERE!
So, I just place Kim on a chair and she'll stay put till I pick her up (",)

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