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Today is Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dinosaur Toast


Hihi friends of Hazelnutt House (",)


Before I had a kid, I always wondered why mothers and grandmothers or whoever that cooks for little ones for that matter are always cracking their brains on what/how to feed a child.  Now that I am a mother, I realise that on good days, a child eats whatever is served... on a not-so-good day (which happens pretty often), they reject even their most-favouritest food.  Very often, a well thought of menu goes unappreciated and eventually gets flung onto the floor by the grubby-lil-hands of a tantrum-peaking toddler.


My Tod seems to like her bread served this way FOR NOW...


Here's what I do...


Step 1: Cut slices of bread using fun shape-cutters.

Daiso has some or you can get huge cookie cutters.

Step 2 (above): Cut slices of cheese using the same cutters.


Step 3 (below): Dip dinosaurs and stars into egg mixture.

Step 4 (above): Place into toaster oven till egg mixture is cooked.


Step 5 (below): Place matching cheese slices onto the toast.  TURN OFF OVEN at this point and close the oven door.  Allow cheese to melt with the remaining heat.

Step 6 (above): Serve on toddler's most-favouritest plate & pray that she likes it (",)


When the child is old enough, he/she can cut out the shapes on their own.  If you do not have a kid, you can always prepare these fancy toast for your very childish childlike partner or maybe even yourself?  Hehee... (",)  I've seen heart-shaped cutters - very suitable for Valentine's Day or just a 'you know I love you' breakfast for your loved ones (",)

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i shouldnt be reading this when my stomach's growling.
i love having melted cheese on top of my slightly toasted bread :)

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These are so adorable and the whole egg and cheese combo is so yumm! Love melted cheese on bread too!

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nice! thanks for the ideas! :D

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Gwen and Sara :) melted cheese is so versatile :) goes well with so many things, ya? (",)

Hi Makeupjunkett :) my pleasure :)

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You're such a fun mom XD

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Hi Okameinko :) I try to be :) and I hope I am :)

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